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J&J Article 013: The Power of Standing Out: Differentiation in a Crowded Marketplace Words by Jorge Wieneke

It has always puzzled me why new entrepreneurs struggle to grasp the art of standing out from the crowd. In a crowded marketplace, where countless businesses vie for attention, it is crucial for our ventures to distinguish themselves to attract customers and clients. This involves the creation and maintenance of a unique competitive advantage that sets us apart from our rivals. However, instead of fostering innovation and originality, many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of copying others.

As entrepreneurs, we should indeed learn from our competitors, but we must never resort to mere imitation. I firmly believe in the saying, “copy and you die.” To thrive, we must offer value and benefits that are not readily available elsewhere. This is where the concept of the Unique Selling Proposition (UPS) comes into play. Differentiation becomes the key to our success in a crowded marketplace.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, back in 1992, I discovered that our flavored fries had a unique appeal. We cooked them right in front of our customers, ensuring freshness and a delightful sensory experience. Fast forward to 2012, when I introduced Tokyo Tempura—a brand that offered affordable tempura accessible to everyone. The question arises: how can we make our product stand out from similar offerings in the market?

Customers are drawn to visual differentiators. I always emphasize that “it is the eyes that decide to buy.” We need to create a distinct visual identity that catches the attention of potential buyers. By understanding the importance of visual appeal, we can craft a compelling brand image and packaging that sets us apart.

In summary, the power of standing out in a crowded marketplace cannot be underestimated. As entrepreneurs, we must resist the temptation to copy and instead focus on offering unique value and benefits that cannot be easily replicated. Our success lies in differentiating ourselves from the competition, captivating customers with visual appeal, and embodying the essence of the UPS. By embracing these principles, we can overcome the challenges of a crowded market and build a thriving business.

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