TNC partners with FHMoms to help develop their community, one Mom at a time

The New Channel (TNC) supports Filipina Homebased Moms, popularly known as FHMoms, a social enterprise that provides tools and resources for Filipina moms and mom-figures looking to balance family and career aspirations. This social enterprise goes beyond childcare. They provide a supportive community, providing a safe space for moms to share experiences and ask questions. They offer affordable e-learning platforms to equip moms with the skills they need to thrive in today’s dynamic world, including freelancing, parenting, and entrepreneurship.

FHMoms don’t just teach – they empower. They empower women by connecting Filipina moms with job opportunities and guiding them in building their own businesses. This aligns perfectly with TNC’s mission to uplift and empower communities, share inspiration, and promote positive transformation among each other.

The New Channel is proud to support FHMoms because of the incredible impact they have on Filipina women. By supporting FHMoms, TNC empowers Filipina moms to not only balance family and career but to truly thrive in both.

TNC is honored to be a part of their journey and share their success stories.  FHMoms is more than just a resource; it is a community where women can learn, grow, and achieve their full potential.



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TNC at FHMoms’s Grandest Mother’s Day Celebration 2024





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