The New Channel, (TNC) is an online alternative new media platform, that showcases engaging, authentic, real life and original content for people on the go. You can watch or listen to our episodes for free on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Linked IN) anytime, anywhere.

TNC's mission is to become a community where passionate people accept each other, share inspiration and promote positive transformation among each other. TNC's vision is to be a global 24/7 livestream channel that connect the Philippines to different key cities around the world while showcasing Filipino talents, Global influencers, cultural intelligence and ingenuity.

Through TNC, our passion transforms a community that sees and shares, All Things NEW®.

Dynamic and tech savvy. Always online, stays on mobile for at least 8-13 hours a day. Goes to the Internet as their primary source of information, education, and entertainment. Age range is from 18 years old up to 80 years old.

Real-time, unfiltered, credible shows hosted by up-and-coming and/or already rockstar hosts in their industry. The shows discuss different relevant topics that sound interests from to A, B and broad C audience.

Dynamic brands, organizations, or individuals who are attempting to come back from the global pandemic crisis support our shows as we help them stay visible and relevant. These sponsors believe in the power of the new. With mobility still limited and live events canceled indefinitely, we support the brands that intend to maximize their exposure while investing their limited budget on our live-streamed shows.

Why TNC?

We are a NEW media platform that publishes daily real time content.

Our channel is anchored by our rockstar hosts. We play major roles in the content creator community; however, we do not consider ourselves as mere experts, but experienced professionals who can represent the industry, we are part of.

Our shows are compilation of ungarnished, relatable and responsible stories. Through TNC, we are hoping that the lives of our viewers and listeners will be transformed.

Platform Growth & Performance Update

As of September 2022, TNC reached 7.4M audience on Facebook.

Top countries reached includes The Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Analytics Scope Percentage
Page engagement rate 97.8%
Increased Reach (vs May 2020) 96.5%
Women 64%
Men 46%
Ave. age of followers 22-54

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