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Are you prepared for the great resignation and AI era?

Are you prepared for the great resignation and AI era?

Words by Carmie Pascual De Leon

I can’t just remain dismayed when even huge local and international corporations seem to ignore and divert their attention from what’s been obvious. 

I can be only be hopeful tireless and patient in communicating and nipping in the bud what needs to be done during the great resignation and AI era. 

Time to re-focus and act on Engagement not Recruitment. Fill the love tank, don’t simply fill out the vacancies. People keep leaving so let’s do some sticky tactics.

Time to change strategies.

What’s our # 1 asset, best resources to hit it?  People. Let’s try investing in emotions.  

So WIIFM? I thrive in a fun- dynamic healthy environment where I can be the best in a huge playground or battlefield – however we wanna call it. 

Savvy business mind knows how to make a “real talent” stay, perform and yield – but it pays to be reminded of these SOPs.

  1. Respect to individuality and Unity in diversity, there’s a Team not bureaucracy. Everyone can speak and be heard, there’s shared vision and collaboration. 
  2. Work is a gift, not an 8-5 job Everyone’s willing and able to add value and make everyone in the organization successful. No such things as mine- it’s us and ours. 
  3. The boss mentors. Not to boss around or bully anyone but to unleash talents and utmost creativity from  every member of the team. 
  4. Well-being I key. There’s freedom of speech and flexibility in thoughts and rules. One shares freely  that everyone would love to listen and learn, everyone is encouraged and I assert and contribute. 
  5. Learning and development is innate. More than promotions and salary increase, there’s emphasis on personal growth and promise of hand-holding and coaching, along the way, 
  6. Purpose defines Profit and not the other way around. Everyone knows the WHY. With the brand adding value to the market, they grab a heart share and it defines sustainability, competitive edge and profitability 
  7. Corporate pride and compelling Employee experience.  There’s a regular measure of happiness index to uncover and address the needs, with strong support such as tools and words of encouragement. Touching emotions and not simply measuring output.
  8. Leaders promoting harmony and synergy. While it’s impossible to like everyone, there’s genuine interest in people, shared values and compassion in the entire organization. Mutual trust and confidence in every team member because every single person’a role is critical to the team vision. 

This is the only way we can keep them, show them how to live healthy, happy and purposeful.

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