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J&J Article 014: The Enemy of a Good Plan Words by Jorge Wieneke

In the world of planning, changing minds can be the enemy of a good plan. It’s frustrating when we invest time and effort in creating solid plans, only to encounter people who don’t trust or stick to the initial strategy.

Imagine this situation: we make plans, align schedules, and eagerly await putting them into action. But then someone comes along and suggests a different path, not even part of the working team. They are inconsistent, indecisive, and easily influenced, lacking the firmness needed for effective decision-making.

Working with people who change their minds can be disheartening. It leads to canceled commitments and a loss of originality in our plans. It’s like they can’t make up their minds and lack exposure to different perspectives.

Dealing with changing minds disrupts workflow, derails progress, and affects team trust. To overcome this challenge, we need to focus on effective communication, open discussions, and alignment of objectives. Building trust and a shared sense of purpose can reduce the tendency to change plans.

While adaptability is important, finding a balance between flexibility and sticking to the original plan is key. Valuing the initial plan and being consistent can lead to more efficient execution and positive outcomes.

When faced with changing minds, we must navigate the challenges with determination. By acknowledging the impact of indecisiveness and fostering conviction and trust within our teams, we can overcome this enemy. Let’s embrace the strength of our original plans and strive for success in our endeavors.

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