TuesdayTunes of Atty. Goyo Larrazabal

TuesdayTunes | August 1

It’s Tuesday.. Time for #TuesdayTunes

Goyo’s Mix – Jackin House Tunes!

“I always tell people that music and mixing music is an adventure. You listen to old classics, hear re-edits of old tunes, and also discover new songs too, hopefully, add to your list of favorites.

Today we take an adventure into Jackin House Tunes. Chances are, you’ve never heard these songs. But I like the rhythm and beat of the songs.

So, join me in this adventure, into Jackin House tunes..”

-Atty. Goyo Larrazabal


  1. Bleeding Love – MD Dj
  2. Phat Joe’s Sausage – Jo Paciello
  3. Loving You – Jo Paciello
  4. The Big Sun – Raffaelle Ciavolino
  5. Straight On – Samo
  6. Jackin Harmony – Angelo Ferreri

Thanks to Atty. Goyo Larrazabal of CICP for our weekly dose of #TuesdayTunes!


All copyright of the songs below to the artists and studio. This is a non-profit activity.

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