TuesdayTunes of Atty. Goyo Larrazabal

Tuesday Tunes | 10 October 2023

It’s Tuesday.. Time for #TuesdayTunes 🎶 🔊 🎧

Goyo’s Mix – L’ Fisher Anniversary

Sharing a mix I did during soundcheck in L Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City on September 29, 2023.


  1. Full Flava – If You Leave Me Now
  2. Foolish Heart
  3. Too Many Walls
  4. Till They Take My Heart Away
  5. Spandau Ballet – True
  6. Sybil – Make It Easy On Me

Thanks to Atty. Goyo Larrazabal of CICP for our weekly dose of #TuesdayTunes!


All copyright of the songs below to the artists and studio. This is a non-profit activity.


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