TNC supports AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center: 28 Years of Youth Empowerment through Education

Proudly celebrating its 28th anniversary of being the most awarded educational service provider in the Philippines and building a legacy of excellence in making a difference in the lives of students and professionals, AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center is introducing a special Test Prep Promo where clients can refer five (5) people to the program. When those referrals enroll, not only will the client themselves enjoy their test preparation journey for free, but each referred individual will also receive a generous 5% discount.
The Test Preparation Course prepares and equips students and professionals mentally and to excel in their targeted exams such as college entrance exams, licensure exams, and other professional exams. For more information on the Test Preparation Course promo, please visit : . You may also email us at or contact us at 0917-891-1187.

Ahead Test Preparation: Your Ultimate Key To Test Success

Taking the boards or an entrance exam for an institution that will affect your trajectory in life should not be underestimated. These tests hold the keys to your educational and professional career, determining where and what you can study. Beyond just subject knowledge, excelling in these tests necessitates outstanding test-taking tactics. This article will contain practical methods for preparing for these vital exams and a glimpse of AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center’s new Test Preparation offering.

What is Ahead Test-Prep All About?
Preparing for a test is more than simply remembering the material; it is also about developing effective exam-taking practices. These exams are more than just tests of knowledge; they also assess one’s ability to solve problems, critical thinking, and time management.
AHEAD’s Test Prep is a comprehensive and dynamic course designed to equip students and professionals with the necessary skills, strategy, and mindset to succeed. This thoroughly constructed program goes beyond traditional test preparation by focusing on holistic development as it develops not only test-taking skills but also widens the attributes needed for success in academia and beyond.

Why is Test-Prep Important?
Effective test-taking skills become a tool when dealing with high-stress exam scenarios. May it be college entrance tests, standardized exams, or professional certifications, AHEAD’s Test Prep will ensure that students are ready to excel in their academic and career pursuits.

Here are some of AHEAD’s Test Preparation program offers:

Test-Taking Tips: Provide strategies for efficient and effective test navigation, proper time management, stress reduction, and performance improvement.

Speed Reading: This ability improves reading comprehension and speed, which is crucial for time-constrained questions and lengthy passages.

Mind Mapping: A visual method that aids in organizing ideas, linking concepts, enhancing memory, and simplifying complex matters for better exam recall.

Abstract Reasoning: To assess problem-solving abilities that are essential for critical thinking exams and enabling methodical approaches to abstract questions.

Language Proficiency: For language-based questions, solid grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension abilities are crucial for accurate answers and better results.

Reading Comprehension: For reading-based exam sections, the ability to comprehend and extract information from written passages is important for providing accurate answers.

AHEAD Tutorial and Review is your partner in conquering these types of tests. Achieving success in exams requires more than just knowledge; it demands effective test preparations. With AHEAD’s Test Prep, expert guidance, practice tests, and personalized coaching, you can bridge the gap between knowledge and exam performance, turning your academic aspirations into reality. Embrace these techniques and embark on your journey to success with confidence.

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