TNC at Swan Lake, an Enchanted Moment | Part 3

Enchanting Rhythms: CityDanse Academy’s Spellbinding Tale Unfolds in Makati✨

Step into the enchantment of ‘Swan Lake, an Enchanted Moment’ as CityDanse Academy weaves a spell on the stage in Makati. On December 3, 2023, at 📍RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing allure of classical ballet and symphonic brilliance. Let the skilled dancers, in perfect harmony with a live orchestra, transport you into a timeless narrative through ethereal movements. 💫✨

As ‘Swan Lake, an Enchanted Moment’ unfolds, let the enchanting rhythms and spellbinding tale transport you to a realm where every pirouette and every note of the orchestra tells a story. The synergy between the dancers and the orchestra creates a mesmerizing experience that transcends time and space.

This magical evening is made possible through the generous support of The New Channel, recognizing and celebrating the transformative power of the arts.

📸: Lester Radam

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