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NADINE OPENS PARAISO: Paraiso Craft Beer Style Partners with Nadine Lustre to Elevate Filipino’s Drinking Experience

In the Philippines, sharing a drink isn’t just a routine – it’s a celebration of joy and connection. With a growing thirst for unique flavors, there’s a newfound excitement for beverages that go beyond the ordinary. Enter Paraiso Craft Beer Style – a contender that promises a fresh and exciting drinking experience.

Paraiso was created out of the desire of Asia Brewery Incorporated to share one-of-a-kind beer flavors to Filipinos all over the country. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a beverage that caters to their own unique taste and preferences.

Paraiso’s commitment to bring unique flavors is evident by their two beer variants, Lakas and Bighani. Lakas, a robust and full-bodied craft lager, stands tall with a unique 6.9% alcohol content. Its smooth mouthfeel is accompanied by a rich symphony of hop flavors and spices, promising a gratifying sip with every indulgence. On the other hand, Bighani, a citrus-infused craft beer, unveils a captivating aroma and a burst of orange notes that dance on the palate. With a refreshing crisp finish, this craft lager style, boasting a modest 5% alcohol content, embodies a perfect balance of malt profiles and subtle bitterness. As we explore the flavors of Lakas and Bighani, it becomes evident that each variant is a masterful creation, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

As we savor the flavors offered by Paraiso beers, it’s only fitting that the essence of this exceptional experience finds its perfect match in Nadine Lustre. Nadine, a trendsetter in the entertainment industry, effortlessly embodies a unique blend of elegance, charisma, and individuality that resonates with the spirit of Paraiso. With her unapologetic sense of self, Nadine epitomizes Paraiso’s unwavering commitment to foster an environment that celebrates individuality and embracing the extraordinary, making her the perfect muse for Paraiso.

Paraiso invites everyone to embark on a journey where diversity meets distinctive tastes. It’s a toast to the flavors that define our individual paradise, a testament to Paraiso’s mission to craft an inclusive drinking experience.

Get a taste of Paraiso at 7-11, Puregold, Robinsons Supermarkets, Lawson, Waltermart, Shell Select, Landmark, and other leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

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