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LOOK 👀 Digital 1st agency SVEN ready to sail towards new innovations with The Current 2023

Exciting news for brands who are looking to explore new digital 1st innovations! SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency as it once again host a FREE online conference this year – The Current 2023: Metaverse and AI for Digital 1st Brand Breakthroughs.

The Current is an evolution of SVEN’s Metacon PH: The 1st Metaverse Conference in the Philippines made for Brands. Originally created to immerse brands into the brave new world of the metaverse, the conference has now expanded to accommodate the rapid progress of technology and its latest digital innovations relevant to brands.

“We decided to rebrand Metacon PH to The Current to embrace advanced Digital 1st pursuits for brands that’s driving the digital currents now. Today, that’s the Metaverse and AI.” Arvi Villacin, SVEN’s CEO & Innovation Officer, shares. “At SVEN, we’ve started adopting our ways of work and play using different readily available AI and metaverse technologies — and we want brands in the Philippines to be able to do the same, to ultimately impact Filipinos both as workers and consumers.”

The Current 2023 sets sail this 30-30 August 2023. Supported by media partners BitPinas and The New Channel as well as its sponsors Mintoo, AAG Ventures, Heinz, and Philippine Airlines, the two-day conference will be livestreamed online for FREE.

This year’s conference invites brands to dive into The Generative World, where multiverses are instantly generated from zero to genius. What’s the deal with current talk on AI and the metaverse? And why is it important for brands to keep up on what’s happening in the digital landscape? Audiences can look forward to answers concerning these questions from brand and tech trailblazers—with the metaverse taking center stage on day 1 and AI being the main focus of day 2.

With brand showcases featuring SM Supermalls and Colgate-Palmolive, expert-led sessions from Ash Mandhyan (MetaverseGo!), Jim Guzman (Unilab, Inc. and the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines), and many more, The Current is here to help brands navigate the currents of this unstoppable, ever-creating, and ever-evolving new world.

But that’s not all–this year’s conference has so much in store for its attendees, from free learnings to free treats, including mystery NFTs from SVEN’s very first NFT collection launched in collaboration with Mintoo: “UNDERDOGS:UNLEASHED”! Rooted in an advocacy that SVEN believes in, every individual who joins the conference on August 30-31 will get their own uniquely minted NFT that they can proudly own on the Mintoo platform.

Get the chance to win freebies from The Current’s gold sponsors:

  1. A FREE roundtrip flight to any destination in Southeast Asia from Philippine Airlines
  2. A FREE domestic roundtrip flight from Philippine Airlines
  3. A FREE delicious gift pack from Heinz

There’s nothing stopping you from diving into The Current. There’s only less than a week left until the event so head on over to and sign up right now!

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