Sunday Reflections By Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez

Sunday Reflections | 27 August 2023

Sunday Reflections | 27 August 2023

By: Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez, AA

HOMILY: Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 16:13-20

God’s Power at Work in Us

The question Jesus poses reveals something deeper than the expected answers. Jesus is indirectly telling them that by being His followers they participate in His identity as children of God as well as in His saving mission. Hence, the question hints at who we need to be. Peter was far from perfect yet Jesus chose him as the foundation on which to build the Church; to him he gave the keys to His kingdom and the power to do things on earth that would be honored by heaven. To be identified with Jesus is always a challenge for us flawed and imperfect human beings. And so today, we see many among us, especially priests and consecrated persons who are severely criticised, accused of hypocrisy, and persecuted in many places and in different fronts.  Like Peter we all struggle with being true to our identity as Christians. We are consoled that when we look at Jesus’ selection of Peter and the other disciples, we see how God’s power works through our human imperfections. In the Second Reading (Romans 11:33-36), St. Paul tells us, no one knows the mind of God. His choices may not seem logical to our human understanding but in the end they bring about His greater glory. 

Let us pray then that we may remain true to who we are as Christians! May we as a Church make manifest Our Lord Jesus as the Christ and the Son of the Living God among our brothers and sisters!

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