Sunday Reflections By Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez

Sunday Reflections | 9 July 2023

Sunday Reflections | 9 July 2023

By: Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez, AA

HOMILY: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 11:25-30

Learning Humility from Jesus

Humility, the focus of this Sunday’s readings is a virtue that many of us struggle with. In the gospel passage this Sunday Jesus says… “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves.” (Matthew 11:29) In this passage, we see how Jesus explicitly tells those listening “TO LEARN” from Him, who Himself is meek and humble of heart, who in the eyes of the world, is lowly and insignificant. As the humble one, Jesus shows appreciation for the “little ones” because He has always identified Himself with the lowly. From the very moment He came into this world, He was born in a stable and He was laid in a manger. All throughout His life, Jesus exemplified humility. Although John the Baptist publicly acknowledged at the Baptism in the river Jordan that he is not even fit to untie Jesus’ sandal straps, Jesus still submits Himself to be baptised by John.

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