A Movie Review by Jay Ar Almanzor

The New Channel supports CreaZion Studios at the Red Carpet Premiere of Kim Seon Ho’s Debut Film, “The Childe”, held at the Bonifacio High Street Cinema.

The event atmosphere was undeniably thrilling as Filipino K-drama fans and various celebrities and influencers came together to become part of the premiere night.

“Seon-Ho, known for his endearing roles in popular K-drama series “Hometown Cha-Cha” and “Start-Up,” ventures into uncharted territory with his debut film. In “The Childe,” he showcases a side of his acting prowess that fans haven’t seen before.

Story: Prepare yourself for a mind-bending plot twist that leaves you breathless. We’ve all seen how Korean movies and kdramas can surprise us with narrative twists, but the way they delivered it in this film was so slick.
Cinematography: The visual composition and beautifully crafted shots left the viewers (including myself) speechless. Among the many magnificent sequences, the plane scene absolutely struck out. The creators clearly went beyond the constraints of the action genre, methodically considering camera angles, set design, and even color grading for the critical twist-laden sequences. The end product is a visual feast that demands your full attention.

Acting: Despite being typecast as a “good boy” in past roles, Seon-Ho demonstrates a noteworthy level of skill in portraying this new, darker character. He easily strikes a delicate balance, reflecting the complexities of his role through nuanced facial expressions, flawless line delivery, and, of course, his endearing smile. It’s also worth noting that Kang Tae Ju (Marco) deserves to be recognized for his superb performance, and the on-screen chemistry between the two characters is a joy to see.

Overall: As someone who isn’t usually drawn to action films plots, I personally give “The Childe” a chance proved to be a satisfying experience. The film was entertaining despite times of amusement and occasional discomfort caused by certain violent scenes.

If you’re a K-drama fan, this is a must see movie. Through “The Childe,” you’ll see a side of Kim Seon Ho that defies his typical “good boy” image, leaving you wanting more.

“The Childe” is now showing in 150+ Philippine cinemas nationwide!

Jay Ar Almanzor aside from being one of TNC’s production photographers is also a teacher and a fulll time financial advisor.

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