Sunday Reflections By Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez

Sunday Reflections | 21 January 2024

Sunday Reflections | 21 January 2024
By: Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez, AA

Homily: Feast of the Santo Niño
Mark 10:13-16

Leading Our Children to God

The world will constantly tell us to pursue power, fame and wealth, but if we want to be truly great in God’s eyes, we must, be like little children. On this Feast of the Santo Niño, let us remember that if we wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we should emulate the trust and confidence that children have in their parents. Also, of equal importance is recognising our role in protecting the childhood of little ones from what can destroy their positivity and innocence and ensuring that they are given strong foundations in faith. God is our Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us unconditionally. Let us fully entrust our lives into God’s loving hands! Kini atong gina-sam-PIT kay Señor Santo Niño!

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