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J&J Article 023: The Power of Humility

J&J Article 023: The Power of Humility
Words by: Jeorge Wieneke

In the dynamic and often challenging realm of entrepreneurship, one powerful but frequently overlooked tool is the virtue of humility. As an entrepreneur, especially in the nascent stages of establishing a business, embracing and cultivating humility can be a transformative force. Its impact extends beyond personal demeanor to influencing key aspects of business dynamics, negotiations, and decision-making.

Allow me to share a notable instance from my experience in overseeing a franchising business. There arose a situation where a franchisee encountered issues with their frozen supplies due to a malfunctioning freezer during the Christmas break. The franchisee promptly laid blame on our contracted service provider, insisting that compensation for the spoiled stocks be sought. They further expressed concerns that the head office was predisposed to siding with the contractor.

In navigating this delicate situation, I made a conscious decision to allow a day to pass before agreeing to the requested meeting. When the discussion finally took place, I opened with a genuine and sincere apology for the unfortunate incident. Importantly, I communicated that our position was not aligned with any particular party but firmly rooted in the principles of fairness. We committed to a thorough investigation of the matter, emphasizing that if the contractor was indeed at fault, appropriate penalties would be imposed.

Remarkably, this approach led to a palpable softening of the franchisee’s stance, and tensions began to de-escalate. This episode exemplifies the subtle yet profound influence of humility in navigating complex business relationships.

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