Rock 4 Nathan

Rock 4 Nathan

Various artists come together for an intimate concert for the benefit of friend and colleague in “Rock 4 Nathan!

Nathan Malone is CoFounder of Hive Audio International and is part of the digital music platform Advocally. In the midst of a challenging battle against Genetic Chronic Pancreatitis, Nathan, a devoted husband and a loving father, has always been a shining example of strength, and has touched the hearts of countless others in the industry.

Now faced with mounting medical bills and financial strain, Nathan’s music community has rallied together for a heartfelt concert fundraiser in his honor. This event not only celebrates his incredible talent but also serves as a beacon of hope, uniting friends, family, and fans alike to ease the burden of financial worries during this difficult time.

Join and support “Rock 4 Nathan!” Happening on October 4 at Happy Studios, Cafe Lupe Antipolo from 6pm onwards. With performances by Stonefree, Acel, Nameless Kids, Over October, Maki, David La Sol, 404: Teys, YP, SWKeith & JtheKidd, and Ordinaryo. Hosted by Abby Asistio.

There will also be special prizes to be given away, with the raffle draw streamed lived along with a replay of concert performances on November 18th via

Make a difference and rock for a cause! Buy your tickets now! Visit www.advocally.comfor more details.

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