Jayson Isaac's #FIDEM, First Solo Art Exhibit

Jayson Isaac’s #FIDEM, First Solo Art Exhibit

Manila, Philippines – Jayson Isaac’s Creative Journey focusing on Love, Faith and Resilience

In 2009, Jayson met famed fashion and advertising photographer Raymund Isaac, a partnership that extended from personal life into the business realm at Portfolio Studio in 2012. It was in this creative environment that Jayson rekindled his love for painting.

Tragedy, however, struck in 2021 when Raymund succumbed to COVID-19 while in the US just after they were married. Jayson turned to art as a lifeline to navigate grief and newfound responsibilities.

Emerging from adversity, Jayson now leads Cafeteria Studio by Raymund Isaac, a tribute to his late husband’s legacy and a platform for his artistic journey. His art is not just personal expression; it’s a gift he shares with friends and family, an inspiration for those who have faced life’s challenges.

Jayson believes that art can be a lifeline because it saved his own.
Jayson Vicente-Isaac’s inaugural exhibit isn’t just about artistic prowess; it’s a testament to resilience and the transformative power of art.

Jayson unveils his soul on canvas from October 1st to 10th, 2023 at the M Gallery as he opens the public viewing to his first solo art exhibit at The Admiral Hotel Manila along Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila.

Get more personal with Jayson: Jayson Isaac’s artistic voyage takes root in Olongapo City, where he grew up in a modest home. Born to Quirino R. Vicente, a photographer and small business owner, and Lilia M. Vicente, a homemaker, Jayson learned early on the value of hard work and family.

Jayson attended St. Joseph School in Olongapo City, where he often showcased his artistic talents in contests such as Poster Making, Photojournalism, and Parol Making. Art became his outlet and passion. Transitioning to higher education, Jayson pursued a degree in BS Industrial Design at Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, supported by an academic scholarship from the PVAO. He even found time to teach drawing to fellow students to make ends meet.

Credits to: Manjo Zalamed

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