J&J: Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship by Jeorge Wieneke

J&J Article 005: Practice makes perfect

Words by Jorge Wieneke

The saying “practice makes perfect” is especially true when it comes to learning. While attending seminars and getting certified can be helpful, the real test of knowledge is applying it in the real world. For entrepreneurs, real-world experience is essential.

Entrepreneurship is a hands-on activity that requires constant adaptation and problem-solving. Real-world experience allows entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes, understand customer needs, and develop practical skills that can only be acquired through trial and error.

Collecting certificates and attending seminars may provide a theoretical understanding of entrepreneurship, but it cannot substitute for the real-world experience that is essential for success. To become a successful entrepreneur, one must not only acquire knowledge and skills but also apply them in the real world.

In conclusion, the best way to learn is through practice, and for entrepreneurs, real-world experience is key. While attending seminars and getting certified can be useful, they should be seen as stepping stones towards gaining practical experience. Let’s focus on putting our knowledge into action and gaining valuable experience to become successful.

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