World of Search Conference Press Preview (Part 1)

12 July 2023 | World of Search Conference Press Preview (Part 1)

The SEO Movement has provided a sneak peek into what attendees can anticipate at the highly anticipated inaugural World of Search Conference (WOSCon’23), scheduled to take place on 23-24 September 2023, at the Winford Manila Resort and Casino in Manila, Philippines.

Joining us in this press preview are: Kherk Roldan, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, content creator, based in Surigao City; William Jones, a Philippines-based SEO Expert and a trainer to SEO staff in his agency, Rank Fortress; Angeline Licerio, founder of All White Hat SEO and notably the only woman who will present at the conference; Glen Dimaandal, the founder of SearchWorks.Ph; and Jason Acidre, the founder of Avaris UIO, and is known in the industry for his blog – Kaiserthesage; among the 21 renowned global speakers who will also share their knowledge and give opportunities for the attendees to explore the world of SEO.

With an aim to gather prominent SEO experts around the world, WOSCon’23 will be hosted in the Philippines to unite business owners, digital agencies, and specialists under one roof.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from top industry experts and get the latest insights on SEO trends.

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Photos taken by: Raymon Santos

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