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Women Empowerment Photoshoot | Day 2 (Batch 2)

Here’s Batch 2, Day 2 photos of the women who express themselves freely.

No agenda, just a photoshoot. Here are the OFFICIAL photos from DAY 2 of Women Empowerment Photoshoot at the Orange Studio by TNC.

In a vibrant celebration of womanhood and empowerment, the Orange Studio, hosted by TNC, continued it’s Women Empowerment Photoshoot Day 2 with an invitation for women to embrace their best pink attitude and do their most comfortable attire – their confidence.

Located at Orange Studio, Silver City, the event welcomes all women to join from 1PM to 8PM on 25th of March. It’s not just a photoshoot kind of day; it’s an act to show and celebrate a beaming group who celebrates the strength, resilience, and beauty of women from all walks of life.

📷 Raymon Santos

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