Karaoke World Championships (KWC) PRESS RELEASES

Unleashing Filipino Talent!

Press Release | Unleashing Filipino Talent!

The Karaoke World Championships 2024 in the Philippines!

The stage is set, the mic is live, and the spotlight shines bright as the Karaoke World Championships (KWC) in collaboration with The New Channel, True Creators Network, and PraXis, embarks on an electrifying journey through the Philippines. A celebration of vocal prowess and musical passion, the KWC is back, promising an unforgettable experience for karaoke enthusiasts and aspiring singers alike.

Regional Tour: June – July 2024

From the bustling streets of Luzon, to the sun-kissed shores of Visayas, and the vibrant landscapes of Mindanao, the KWC Philippines tour is on the hunt for the nation’s top vocal talents. Traveling far and wide, the tour will scour every province, uncovering hidden gems and showcasing the rich diversity of Filipino voices.

National Championship: July – September 2024

As the regional tour concludes, the spotlight shifts to Metro Manila, where the best of the best will converge for the National Championship. With hearts pounding and voices soaring, contestants will compete for the chance to represent the Philippines on the global stage.

World Championship: October 7-12, 2024

The culmination of months of hard work and dedication, the National Champion will soar to new heights as they journey to Finland for the prestigious Karaoke World Championships. Amongst the world’s brightest talents, they will proudly carry the flag of the Philippines, aiming for glory and recognition on the international stage.

About Karaoke World Championships

Founded in Finland in 2003, the Karaoke World Championships stand as the pinnacle of global karaoke excellence. Bringing together singers from around the world, the championships celebrate the universal language of music and the boundless talent of performers worldwide.

As anticipation builds and excitement fills the air, the Karaoke World Championships in the Philippines promises to be an unforgettable journey of music, talent, and camaraderie. From regional auditions to the grand stage of the World Championship, let the Filipino spirit shine bright as we unite in song and celebration.

Partner Statements

“TNC is always excited to be part of something new. This time, in partnership with two of the best concert producers in the country, Praxis and True Creators Network — we bring the most exciting singing and talent search in the country yet.”
-Apple Esplana-Manansala
President & Chief Executive Officer of The New Channel

“Praxis as an organization, really values and takes pride in music marketing, and we see KWC as one platform that can really help us walk the talk. From discovering new talents, to showcasing them globally, it’s very much aligned with our vision of being part of uplifting the music industry as a whole.”
-Gladys Basinillo
Chief Executive Officer of PraXis

“We don’t just love music, we are also gifted with some of the best singers with international caliber. That’s why KWC is very promising and we are very excited and positive about this project. KWC will be an additional platform to discover new talents that will bring pride to our country.”
-Mercy Joy Mesina
Chief Executive Officer of True Creators Network

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