TNC at The 20th Grand Wine Experience Part 3

Pasay City, Philippines – Embark on a nostalgic journey as we reflect on the remarkable events of 17 November 2023, when the 20th Grand Wine Experience takes center stage at the lavish Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel!

This event is more than a milestone; it’s two decades of uniting aficionados for a sip-around-the-world adventure, featuring an impressive selection of over 1,000 wines, spirits, sakes, and beers. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a celebration for those with a passion for exceptional libations, global exploration, and embracing new, delightful experiences!

Picture a room adorned with beverages from every corner of the globe, each with its own captivating tale. This isn’t just about savoring drinks; it’s a performance where the masterminds behind the beverages share their unique stories.

The New Channel is buzzing with excitement for The Grand Wine Experience 2023, hailing it as the premier and most extravagant event of its kind in Southeast Asia. A meticulous curation by experts ensures that there’s an extraordinary drink waiting for every palate. The Marriott Hotel transforms into a vibrant carnival where glasses clink, flavors entice, and everyone revels in the joy of the moment.

Cheers to two decades of relishing remarkable drinks and creating unforgettable memories at the Grand Wine Experience! Anticipate the magic again next year! 🍷✨

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