TNC at Tanduay Calendar Girl 2024 Press Launch

Quezon City, Philippines — Greetings from the vibrant atmosphere of the Tanduay event at Elements in ETON Centris! Here, Tanduay has proudly unveiled Julia Barretto as its esteemed 2024 Calendar Girl, a choice made in celebration of the brand’s remarkable 170th anniversary.

In an electrifying statement, Tanduay praised Julia’s resilience and success, emphasizing her embodiment of courage and empowerment, aligning seamlessly with the brand’s values. The 2024 Tanduay Calendar Girl, unveiled amid cheers and applause, promises an exciting collaboration with Julia, who will grace the brand’s promotional events and materials throughout the upcoming year.

As we revel in this thrilling moment, Tanduay invites everyone to anticipate a year filled with festivities, showcasing the brand’s evolution and its growing global presence, with Julia Barretto as a key figure in these exciting endeavors. Cheers to an unforgettable year ahead with Tanduay and its newly revealed Calendar Girl! 🥂

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