TNC at Handog: An Original Filipino Musical

Handog the Original Filipino Musical (OFM) is truly an incredible journey of passion, creativity, and dedication.

This musical is a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and unwavering determination. Showcasing the struggles and triumphs of an entrepreneur’s life in the unique Filipino context as evidently seen in the Testimony of the Cast, Production Staff and Producers who are all or mostly a member of Business Network International (BNI) Philippines.

It was held at the Iconic Metropolitan Theater in Manila last 14th of October 2023 with shows at 3PM and 8PM.

Handog also delved deeper into how far people can Sacrifice and Serve along with the Trade Off and Implications of said values. Almost everyone who watched it had teary eyes because of the beautiful storyline where everyone can relate to the persona and struggles of each character in the Musical Play.

After watching, your spirit will be lifted, and you will be inspired to do more noble undertakings wisely and filled with Love.

Let’s all continue to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, advocacy and artistry, hand in hand.

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