The new channel is born, led by an involved and digital mom

May 1st is indeed all about resilience and hardwork… Check out today’s copy of Business Mirror on print and online as they feature Ms. Apple Manansala, prime mover of #TheNewChannel #TNC.

“It’s amazing how The New Channel has grown and become this game-changer, the alternative platform that gives creators a new home. We’re here to help grow Filipino talent and boost our industry of producers, key opinion leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs,” says Apple.

Less than three years from its first show, The New Channel has since expanded beyond streaming, beyond online content creation with well-placed exposure in some Asia Pacific events.
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Marketing Section, Page B7
Column: PR Matters
Special thanks to Business Mirror Columnist, Ms. Joy Lumawig-Buensalido for this feature💗🧡

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