SVEN and Mintoo launch the “Underdogs: Unleashed” NFT Collection

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LOOK 👀 SVEN and Mintoo launch the “Underdogs: Unleashed” NFT Collection.

No more underdog thinking, just underdogs winning! As part of The Current 2023: Metaverse and AI for Digital 1st Brand Breakthroughs online conference, SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency will release its very first NFT collection with Mintoo called “Underdogs: Unleashed.”

In a world where underdogs are often overlooked and underestimated, it’s time to shine light on the power of underdog thinking. Despite facing challenges, being an underdog can be seen as an opportunity to unleash the mindset of a winner.

Underdog thinking is about defying expectations and pushing beyond perceived limitations. It’s about embracing the belief that breakthroughs can come from unexpected places. When faced with adversity, underdogs have a unique ability to tap into their resilience and determination to overcome obstacles.

Why underdogs? The theme also holds dual meaning: The animal itself and the perpetual feeling of being underestimated. The design was based on the Aspins, Filipino street dogs that are often neglected and overlooked due to their mixed breeding but are actually intelligent and extremely affectionate. The Aspin’s form serves as the main structure to paint every situation where you are unlikely to succeed but still successfully pull through. This NFT collection will share art and stories that aims to reach out to those who are currently struggling to reach their goal, celebrating hard work, resilience, and succeeding against the odds. 

Raizelle So, SVEN’s Chief Strategy and Creative Officer further explained, “’Underdogs: Unleashed is a gamechanger in sharing our advocacy, showcasing our craft, and empowering our team—and everyone else no matter who you are.”

She continued, “I can’t be prouder of what our team has come up with and we hope NFT collectors both old and new are able to enjoy the art and embrace the message the collection stands for.”

Through this collection, SVEN roots for underdogs of all kinds—no matter who they are, how they identify, and where they come from. Because when underdogs are unleashed, they can become the alpha dogs, too.

The Current 2023 sets sail from today until tomorrow! Supported by media partners BitPinas and The New Channel as well as its sponsors Mintoo, AAG Ventures, Heinz, and Philippine Airlines, the two-day conference will be livestreamed online for FREE. 

Ready to dive in? It’s not too late–you can still register for FREE access today! Sign up for live access to today and tomorrow’s talks as well as an exclusive NFT from Mintoo to be given during the conference at ! 

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