Sunday Reflections By Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez

Sunday Reflections | 4 June 2023 By: Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez, AA

HOMILY: Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity (Basic Ecclesial Community BEC Sunday)
John 3:16-18

LOVE: Essence of the Trinitarian Life

Today is the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. We give special honour to the Trinitarian God we name in the sign of the cross. We believe there are Three Divine Persons in One God, but it is not something we can really explain, can we? The dogma of the Trinity is difficult God-talk and it is not easy to understand. I remember some of us praying before our comprehensive exam in Theology not to be asked a lot about the Trinity. Although we want to avoid talking about it, we cannot ignore it for it is the central mystery of our faith and the source of our own life and holiness as Christians.

I am most certain that despite my attempt to help make sense of this Dogma, it still leaves many questions unanswered and it perhaps creates even more questions. This is however the reality of a Divine Mystery. We allow God to reveal Himself to us in moments of our life — not necessarily the defining moments, but even in the quiet seemingly insignificant moments — such as when we quietly cross ourselves when passing a church or before we go to sleep at night. Today we pray that God will increase our faith and keep us attuned to His gentle proddings to encounter Him as Father or Son or Holy Spirit.

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