Sunday Reflections By Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez

Sunday Reflections | 24 September

Sunday Reflections | 24 September 2023
By: Fr. Ricky Cañet Montañez, AA

HOMILY: Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Matthew 20:1-16 24

Kingdom-bound… Everyone?

The Kingdom of Heaven is too sweet a deal for us to pass up. God is such a generous and patient Father who is eager to embrace us and welcome us into an eternity in His Kingdom. He will never force us. He waits with anticipation when we will respond to His call.  The chances we have are not endless but we should not wait too long or else we could lose a golden opportunity. When the time comes, hopefully not anytime soon… “See you there.” My prayer is for everyone to be on board! (Sana all!) 😉


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