Beautifully Connected by Carmie De Leon

SOS Sharing of Style: Empowerment and Engagement From Within Words by Carmie Pascual De Leon

Don’t grab a market share, secure a share of heart. Touch emotions, capture the soul. This can’t be taken out by any new entrant or bullish competition.

Don’t drive people crazy because you’re the authority. Serve, complement. Ignite and Inspire, lead with love and purity of heart.

Don’t push people to work hard, pull them closer to your advocacy,

Do it! Say it!


  1. I’m sorry – leaders make mistakes.
  2. I’m not sure – tell them the real score.
  3. I don’t know – you don’t have the monopoly of knowledge.
  4. I need your help in this area – make them realize their expertise.


  1. Thanks – for every job well done.
  2. Excellent – for exemplary work.

Ask and Assist

  1. How can I help?
  2. What do you think?
  3. What’s up with your tasks?
  4. How’s your family?
  5. How’s your health?

While it’s easy to get swamped, it takes a moment to pause and re-purpose.

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