SongHits Festival

Melodies of Hope: SongHits Festival, Volume 1 Strikes a Chord for Social Responsibility
The Astronaut Live, in partnership with The New Channel, proudly present “SongHits Festival, Volume 1.” This extraordinary music event, taking place on 7 October 2023, at Circuit Makati, promises an unparalleled experience for music lovers of all ages, featuring captivating performances by renowned acts including Rico Blanco, December Avenue, Mayonnaise, Zack Tabudlo, Al James, Gloc 9, Shanti Dope, Zild, Orange and Lemons, Urbandub, Franco, Nobita, Dionela, One Click Straight, Similar Sky, CHDNTR, and Madeline. 🎵🎤
Introducing “BattleBeat: The SongHits Showdown,” a Battle of the Bands competition that gives opportunities to indie artists to be part of the music festival and showcase the OPM spirit. Aspiring musicians will have the golden opportunity to showcase their talent, share the stage with their favorite bands, and compete for the chance to shine in the spotlight. 🎼💫
As part of The Astronaut Live’s commitment to social responsibility, “SongHits Festival” and “BattleBeat” will allocate a portion of their proceeds to “Little Brave Hearts,” a non-stock, non-profit organization for kids with Down Syndrome, which is supported by The Astronaut Live. By attending the festival, music lovers can revel in the joy of music while contributing to a meaningful cause, making a positive impact in the lives of the less fortunate as the Ber Months kick off. 🎶
For ticket purchases and more information, please visit ➡️ Stay tuned for further updates and announcements about the festival and competition by following SongHits Festival social media channels.