PuzzleBox BPO Inc. at the Smart Retail Tech Expo USA 2023

PuzzleBox BPO does Vegas

We’re the only Filipino booth in the entire convention!” Fact. At the recent Smart Retail Tech Expo USA at the Las Vegas Convention Center, PuzzleBox was the lone PH representative of 200 exhibitors, 3000-strong throng.


More than fact, it’s a landmark. Ten years ago, enterprising couple Apple Esplana-Manansala, VP and husband Erwin Ernesto Manansala, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, opened PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. A business process outsourcing (BPO) company on the surface, and a whole lot of digital, tech, analytics and yes, magic on the inside.


It’s one thing to get invited to an exhibit, but PuzzleBox levels up with an invite for Apple to speak at the event. A very visible and vocal advocate of the rights of women, empowerment and entrepreneurship, Apple already has a collection of speaking stints locally and in the region and counts Las Vegas as her first in the US. 


The prime mover of The New Channel (TNC) and Global Women Who RULE (GWWR) —both entities outside of PuzzleBox — is undoubtedly collecting merit as a respected and relevant expert and resource speaker.


This woman on top got to share with a hearty crowd the profound and unique benefits of doing business with the Philippines and with Filipinos, wowing the audience of US business leads. Through social media, some interested business parties from San Diego, LA and other parts of California made the trip specifically to attend Apple’s talk.


The Smart Retail Tech USA event is intent on revolutionizing the US retail industry, opening opportunities for US businesses to ‘create the perfect customer journey making both online and in-store shopping more personal, tailored and enjoyable’. Every year, the event is held in the US and in the UK.


For the husband-and-wife tandem, PuzzleBox’s presence in Las Vegas is not just timely, it is also calculated.


Says Apple, “PuzzleBox is an outsourcing company based in Manila, Philippines. We’re here because it’s our 10th year, and we thought, ‘let’s risk it, and go back to the US, find new clients’. 


Currently, we have clients from the US, and we are happy with their business. But we want to expand and look for more people to collaborate with and help them grow their business. We thought ‘it’s the right time to talk to them again.”


Aside from outsourcing solutions, PuzzleBox has products and services that upskill and upgrade your business. As an integral part of the cycle of your business, we take care of other matters integral to your business so you can focus on your sales and business development.” TNC is one product of what PuzzleBox is capable to doing. 


PuzzleBox. The name itself is a come-on. It’s a term coined by its tech chief Erwin. Explains, Apple, “All business are puzzles that we put together. Every time you’re creating a puzzle, you’re thinking out of the box. 


If you put puzzle and out of the box, you create a solution. PuzzleBox is creating solutions for our clients.”


Over the last 10 years, PuzzleBox has been instrumental in the growth of their clients’ businesses, several which are from PH, US, Asia and parts of Europe. It’s offering a collaboration that many companies still do not see as necessary. PuzzleBox goes beyond the business process and offers the wonders of digital marketing, social media and content creation and management, the numbers and metrics of analytics, web and app design, development and implementation, event management, production and livestreaming, game development and management. Every business solution is supported by a stable foundation built on teams of Filipino experts and young professionals with the skills, knowledge and healthy mindset of delivering the best service.


Says Apple, “Wiser companies outsource so they can concentrate on business expansion. Today, the Pareto Principle is still a relevant business standard. A company could mine benefits when it understands the way it works. Outsourcing clearly presents a solution by getting the bulk of the job (the 80%) to allow clients to focus on the business core (the 20%).”


For more information about PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. visit, www.puzzlebox-inc.com 


Or if you wish to have a meeting, so PuzzleBox can help you figure out your business puzzles), please email apple@puzzlebox-inc.com 


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