PuzzleBox BPO Inc. at the Smart Retail Tech Expo USA 2023

Puzzle 1 accomplished at the Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023

With a grand display of the newest technology in the retail industry, the Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023 kicked off to a fantastic start!

Over 3,000 physical and online retailers got a sneak preview of what the future of retail holds through 400 enthusiastic exhibitors from around the world as they proudly displayed their groundbreaking discoveries, technologies, services, products, and ideas that inspire innovation. The ‘New Retail’ definitely packs a load of innovative possibilities for the sector, from artificial intelligence, machine learning, outsourcing, and even mobile applications.

And amidst all the buzz and the busy swarm of retailers, PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. team proudly displayed the products, solutions, and services the company offers alongside internationally renowned businesses: intelligent outsourcing for (voice and non-voice) digital services—customer support, graphic design, social/web analytics, game support, social media content manage management & media coverage, web/app design & development and more!

Spearheading the exhibition, the team’s tandem Erwin and Apple Manansala immediately had their hearts filled with pride and joy as PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. stands as the only Filipino-owned company to be able to secure a space in the international convention!

“There are Filipinos who attended the convention as spectators, there are Pinoy retailers and even representatives of international companies but we are the only Filipino-owned company that is present as one of the 400 exhibitors.”, Apple gleefully says.

Aside from the impressive display of innovation, the first day of #SRTExpo2023 also gave way for significant collaborations as attendees actively connect and meet with old and new suppliers as well as partners, including PuzzleBox BPO, Inc.

“It’s really nice to see that the attendees actually went there to network and connect with businesses and suppliers. We’ve also met a lot of people in our booth and we’re really looking forward for Day 2.”, Apple adds.

Learning and innovation didn’t really stop at networking and the booths set-up in the convention but also extends to the stage and the over-all Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023 experience as remarkable talks and discussions added an additional layer of education through the line-up of notable speakers invited to share and discuss how customer experience may creatively be amplified with fresh and new solutions and technologies.

Day 1 definitely featured a robust set of delegates who graced the stage with passion for innovation, which only added to the excitement for the line-up of speakers for Day 2, including PuzzleBox BPO, Inc.’s co-owner and Vice-President, Ms. Apple Esplana-Manansala, sharing her expertise on “Intelligent Outsourcing: Philippines Best!” and shedding light on intelligent customer service/digital marketing outsourcing for meeting sales targets and customer satisfaction. With focus on Filipino talent, Apple also aims to explain WHY and HOW outsourcing Filipinos is one of the smartest and wisest moves a global organization can make.

Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023 undoubtedly provided attendees with the opportunity to participate in an extended reality experience that introduced them to cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality products and services, and it certainly continued to the second day of the convention, which just concluded earlier today.

We’re in great luck as PuzzleBox BPO, Inc.’s power duo is set to give us an insider’s perspective of the convention’s activities until the last stretch of the Smart Retail Tech Expo 2023.

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