Pinasurvey 2024 Media Launch

Pasig City, 06 June 2024 – Insightspedia, the Philippines’ leading online panel provider, announced the launch of Pinasurvey, a groundbreaking tool set to revolutionize how political campaigns understand and engage with voters in next year’s elections.

Insightspedia’s newest product, Pinasurvey, is the culmination of over three years of extensive research and development representing the most comprehensive and nationally representative study of Filipino voters identifying five (5) major voter segments based on their values, aspirations and decision-making processes.

Currently leading the numbers game are the Middle-Road Majority at 33% and Passive Onlooker at 23% with a combine draw of 50+% of voters surveyed. Solution Seekers (17%), Connection Cravers (15%) and Economy Worriers (12%) round off the total, but their numbers speak volumes with none reaching 1/5 of total.

Key Advantages of Pinasurvey:

  1. Psychographic Profiling: Goes beyond traditional demographics to delve into voters’ personal values, beliefs, and motivations.
  2. Advanced Voter Segmentation: Groups voters into like-minded segments based on psychographic profiles, providing deeper insights into their behaviors and preferences.
  3. Actionable Insights: Helps candidates, policymakers, and political parties tailor their campaigns to resonate with specific voter segments.
  4. Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Data: Offers the most comprehensive data sets in the market, empowering users to make informed strategic decisions.

Where majority can be loosely identified as fence-sitters and disinterested, data is still just data: a tool for the user. Where brand marketeers use data to tap into consumers, and corporations use R&D data to make breakthrough innovations—candidates are no different. How candidates can be educated in the proper use of the data offered by the voter segments is wide open.

Says, Rolland Ramirez, Managing Director of Insightspedia, “Pinasurvey is not just another ranking report. Re-educating candidates is where the real paradigm shift happens. The new psychographics is important to candidates for effective campaigning. It’s a game-changing tool that provides a nuanced understanding of Filipino voters. By focusing on voters’ psychographic profiles, we can help campaigns connect with them on a deeper level and craft messages that truly resonate.”

The next phase should prove interesting. On a sidebar with Managing Director of Kantar Philippines, Jay Bautista, the marketing research guru shares, “The next round of the survey should prove interesting nearing the Elections. For example, the test is how much of the leading 50% total can be dispersed to increase the other segments, or how do you craft your campaign to reach your target voters. That’s how helpful the data is to candidates.”

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