Philippine e-Commerce Association (PECA) to Strengthen PH’s E-commerce Businesses

The recent global pandemic challenged many sectors in the world including various governments and leaders. While it is holding back the world from its regular operation, it gave a new meaning and new face to e-commerce that opens a new level of playing field not only for established businesses and companies but also for individuals who found new opportunities from this new platform.

In the Philippines, as the country continues to enjoy more relaxed health protocols, the local economy has witnessed the overwhelming support of people on e-commerce over the past couple of years. From trending food to trending home appliances, everyone got their “spark of joy” by simply scanning and checking out their desired items via their mobile phones.

“Philippine E-Commerce Association (PECA) was established to create a unified body among e-com players in the country to allow them to have a representative and a voice towards bigger entities in the local economic playing field. Moreover, PECA, envisioned by the founders, as a non-profit organization that allows the further growth and advancement of e-commerce by creating solidified programs that are regulated and are acknowledged by actual practitioners,” shared Mr. Jere Von Basa, PECA President.


The Driving Force

As of 2022, a total of 99.5% of the companies in the Philippines are considered micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as stated in the recent Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) report. This is equivalent to almost a million companies that are serving as the backbone of the local economy. Through this achievement, the Philippines was able to stabilize its growth over the past decade and was marked as one of the most promising economies not only in Asia but in the world.

These developments have driven the DTI to push its campaign “Basta e-commerce, madali”, which aims to simplify e-commerce transactions in the country to further boost the local economy and help the growing MSMEs in the Philippines.

Launched in 2020, the DTI specified the bold aim of this roadmap, which is to make e-commerce synonymous with easy commerce. Through this framework and strategic direction, the DTI aimed to put Filipinos at ease when it comes to doing e-commerce, and gain the trust and confidence of many people in the country’s e-commerce infrastructure and internet capabilities.

A Show of Support and Camaraderie

With significant support coming from the government and various local and foreign organizations, the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines has pushed businesses to enter into a digital realm to further enhance their capabilities and structures and capture a bigger market. In the June 2022 report by Rakuten Insight, 86% of their respondents in the Philippines stated that they shopped from an e- commerce platform in the past three months.

The growing trend of e-commerce in the Philippines has brought good news to many establishments, as well as more challenges, primarily on security and fraud. These are just among the top concerns PECA would like to address as they see e-commerce in the country will continue to prosper in the coming years.

“In parallel with the changes in e-commerce technology is the rise to also provide support to every e- commerce player and small online sellers. From education and training, supply chain, products and supplies, logistic, and even financial management, we at PECA, aims to be a beacon of world-class insight, camaraderie, and ethical business conduct to Filipino entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce and technology,” Basa mentioned.

Represented by diverse personalities and players from the e-commerce industry, PECA is led by its President Jere Von Basa, Vice President for Internal Affairs Rechill Dagatan, Vice President for External Affairs Mayette Estacion, Treasurer Juhayra Lacson, and Auditor Rheyniel Flores. Alongside its esteemed management are its Board of Directors including Director for Communication Kyle Jarque, Director for Community Kritoffer Suillan, Director for Membership Bjorn Ramos and Hernani Razon, Director for Skills and Professional Development Joshua Vasquez, Director for Grievances Kherk Roldan, Director for Technology Brylle Nicon Apduhan, and Director for Private and Government Relation Rafael Canare.

PECA envisioned an empowered entrepreneur in the country, anchored with the values of faith and grit, unified as one, to help each e-commerce business reach unimaginable heights of economic and individual success.


The Watchdogs of the Future

Guided by its values, PECA is set to strive for excellence for the communities it serves while pushing towards empowered optimism combined with strategic actions while creating a culture of mentorship, and acknowledging each other’s strengths.

TransUnion, a consumer credit reporting agency, shared that fraudulent activities in the country usually happen across retail, financial services, communities, travel and leisure, and gaming. The increase in the number of Filipinos choosing to transact online, the more chances of fraudsters will continue to capitalize on any opportunities to exploit both consumers and businesses. Aside from these fraudulent activities, Filipinos are also falling victim to phishing, money scams, or third-party seller scams on legitimate online retail sites.

PECA commits to addressing these issues surrounding e-commerce in the Philippines since the majority of its members are MSME e-commerce players that are not fully equipped or informed on battling these concerns. PECA aims to the unified all e-comm businesses in the country with a set of accreditation and certification that will protect not only the businesses but more importantly its customers.

“All of these problems arise due to a lack of governing bodies and support to the Industry. This is the reason why the Association was established,” Basa added.

Time to e-Levate!

Dubbed as the grandest networking event of the Philippine e-commerce Industry, e-Levate will unite different e-commerce stakeholders including online sellers, freelancers, advertisers, logistic Providers, suppliers, importers, and manufacturers.

“This year’s event will be focusing on giving recognition to every stakeholder who contributed to the common good of the industry. This is event’s mission is to Unite, Uplift, and elevate the e-commerce industry in the Philippines and help everyone else to be readier for the future,” Basa shared.

e-Levate will happen on April 28, Friday at SMX Manila, Pasay City. Recognizing various industry players, the event will award 2022’ Best Quality Courier Services, Best e-Commerce Enabler Company, Best Quality e-Commerce Fulfillment Services, Best Quality Health and Beauty Manufacturing Provider, best Innovative e-Commerce Technology, Best Start Up Rising e-Commerce Company, Most Recognized Tiktok Live Seller, Most Recognized Lazada Coach, Most Recognized Shopee Coach, Most Recognized Tiktok Coach, Most Recognized Facebook Marketing Coach, Most Recognized E-commerce Personality, Most Recognized Dropshipping Coach, Rising Start Up Brand For Beauty And Cosmetics, Rising Start-Up Brand For Health And Wellness Category, Rising Start-Up Brand For Clothing Lines Category, Best Quality E-commerce Training And Seminar, Best Innovative Brand, Best Choice Importation Services.

This event will also have Brilliant Skin, Inc. CEO Glenda Victorino, popular motivational speaker Steve Andrew Chen, and Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, Inc. Executive Director Lorenz Ziller. e-Levate is co-presented by JCI Makati, BNI, the Department of Trade and Industry E-commerce Office, and the National Privacy Commission, and sponsored by SupCart, Tiktok, LBC, Entrego, Success Mall, BEXCS Logistics Solutions, Inc., RAD Accounting and Consultancy Services, Spenmo, GoNutrients, VoicePlus, Airspeed, Pancake House, Evidence and the National Privacy Commission.

To know more about e-Levate, you may visit their website at To attend this event, you may purchase your tickets at


Individual Early Bird ticket is Php3,999, Regular Individual Ticket is Php4,999. Discount is available for every purchase of a group of three tickets.

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