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Last 15 March 2023, nChain has announced the establishment of an incubator in the Philippines – Block Dojo Philippines. As a global leader and innovator in the blockchain ecosystem, nChain’s launch of an incubator in the province of Bataan is a significant step towards positioning the country as the future blockchain hub in Asia.

Bringing one of the UK’s most successful and innovative blockchain incubators to the Philippines, nChain aims to empower startups, enterprises, and talents with the necessary tools to succeed. Block Dojo Philippines will provide training, education, upskilling, and cross-skilling to homegrown talents and produce a pioneering generation of blockchain companies and professionals in the Philippines.

Stefan Matthews, nChain Group Chairman, commented: ‘Our investment and commitment to supporting Filipino start-ups and entrepreneurs, aligns with our MOU signed last year with the Provincial Government of Bataan. We are focusing on driving adoption by growing blockchain knowledge, skills, and solutions to allow the Philippines to enable blockchain at all levels and highlight its capabilities to the world.’

“The Dojo has a ‘founder first’ mentality, and our primary goal is to support entrepreneurs in unlocking their potential whilst successfully creating startups that leverage the power of the BSV blockchain,” said James Marchant, Block Dojo Chairman.

“Having established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading tech incubators, responsible for launching more successful blockchain startups than any other incubator or accelerator, the Dojo team are incredibly excited to help entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Providing a springboard for new and innovative businesses whilst helping existing Filipino businesses leverage the power of the blockchain and transition into the Web3 world.”

Jose Enriquez Garcia III, Governor of the Provincial Government of Bataan shared, “I am delighted to express my support for nChain’s launch of Block Dojo Philippines. This incubator will provide the necessary training, education, and upskilling to produce a pioneering generation of blockchain companies and professionals in the Philippines. I commend nChain for their investment and commitment to supporting Filipino start-ups and entrepreneurs, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on our province and the country.”

Christen-Ager Hanssen, nChain Group CEO, added that “nChain’s mission is to transform the world from Web2 to Web3. I’m incredibly excited to invest in the future of the Philippines and support entrepreneurs and start-ups as they build a new Web3 world. Together with BlockDojo, we are realising that mission by leveraging the value and technology of our world-leading patent portfolio. We’re propelling the Philippines to the forefront of blockchain implementation, to enable greater efficiencies, security and transparency at every level.”

nChain and the Dojo will collaborate with innovative, early-stage start-ups to remove the challenges of starting a company and deliver a curated 12-week start-up program with access to potential capital, advice, strategy, and skills via nChain’s network of investors business experts, and partners.

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