Me and my outstanding mother (MeMOM)

#MeMOM2024 Behind The Stream

Last year, we did hybrid — this year it was the first time for Me and My Outstanding Mother #MeMOM to be in one place (studio) and meet up face to face.

For the last 4 years, we ‘ve been able to gather amazing daughters and outstanding Mothers to celebrate #MeMOM online. It is indeed a milestone for us to hold an intimate gatherring for #MeMOM2024 mother and daughters and their families — and be able to see each other, hug one another and have a photo together.

Yep!!! We’re all definitely (still) on a high! Here’s a glimpse of that supposedly for our eyes only very intimate gathering which took place at the Orange Studio by TNC. And/but yes, we shall share what we can to all of you…

Thank you once again for watching the event on 18th of May 2024 LIVE. Don’t worry you still have a chance to watch what happened on the show anytime, anywhere thru the replay links below.

Watch MeMOM 2024 replay here

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