Life Academy International: Forming True Servant Leaders through Transformative Education

Press Release: Life Academy International: Forming True Servant Leaders through Transformative Education

UNESCO defines transformative education as an education that involves teaching and learning geared to empower happy and healthy learners to take informed decisions and actions at the individual, community and global levels.​ This definition covers how learners engage with the world, learn collaboration, empathy, complex problem solving, connection to other human beings and nature.

As the Philippines grapple with systemic education woes left and right along with the looming disruption brought about by technology, it’s challenging to keep transformative education high on the agenda. But as we look at the critical issues facing our society today, the imperative to do so remains as pressing as ever.

Life Academy International (LAI), a Christian K-12 international school officially recognized as an educational institution with international character with the signing of Republic Act No. 11638, pushes a distinct framework of transformative education through value formation, real-world learning, and servant leadership. And as it celebrates its 10th year, it’s pushing this framework further into a wider education ecosystem that will soon include higher education.

A solid compass of servant leadership

LAI’s approach on servant leadership is grounded in biblical worldview. It is centered on forming leaders who follow a noble vision and purpose not only for themselves but for others. Through the years, it has built a dynamic community of learners united by a shared pursuit of excellence and resolute commitment to making a difference in the world around them.

The Honorable Gregory Winston Slayton, a former US Chief of Mission (aka US Ambassador), successful Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, and chairman of a global non-profit, currently sits as LAI’s executive consultant and a primary champion of the academy’s servant leadership program. “Servant leadership is leadership by example, not by command. It is also unity in key areas, and respect for diversity in others. This is the distinctive value we set here at LAI.”

World-class programs and top-notch facilities

To form internationally-minded individuals, LAI offers an International Baccalaureate program in its senior high school program. The IB Programme is considered the gold standard in pre-college international education. This program gives students an opportunity to explore international education and expand their knowledge in finding real-world solutions that they can apply here in their home country.

The newly-inaugurated Life Academy International city campus at the heart of Pasig City is a 20-floor building facility that features key spaces where students can exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate. One of the building’s premium features are its integrated sports facilities – an open soccer field, swimming pool, and multi-functional indoor gymnasium– all designed to foster strong value-formation through student athletics.

Next step forward

As it plans to introduce college* in the next few years, LAI remain consistent in its commitment to deliver the same mission of impacting the society through servant leadership in key industries.

Edric Mendoza, LAI Managing Director and head of the college initiative*, strongly pushes the need for a dynamic business college* for these changing times. “Our strength in the higher education space relies not only on our transformative education framework, but our strong network of Christian business leaders ready to mentor our students in doing the actual work of establishing businesses that transform lives.”

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