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KalyeNegosyo 2024 (Day 4)

Be Open To Something New

Pasig City, Philippines – Best known for being the originator of the Potato Corner concept and affordable tempura, Tokyo Tempura, serial entrepreneur Jorge Noel Wieneke continues to share his journey through the world of entrepreneurship with Batch 9 of KalyeNegosyo 2024.

During day 4 on innovation mindset and product development, Jorge shared, “An important characteristic of an entrepreneur is the openness to something new.” Jorge explained, “Having a strong innovation mindset is being exposed to new things. We must adapt to new things. We must defy tradition. Remember that the world is waiting to pay for something new, craving for new things. You should constantly be innovating!”

Jorge continued to give pointers on how to pique one’s imagination and creativity, helping make one’s business relevant and stand above the rest. He stressed, “There is no such thing as late in the game as long as your product is unique, as long as your product is addressing a certain concern, as long as your product is relevant in the market. The KalyeNegosyantes’ creative juices started to flow, thinking about how they can improve on their businesses and make these seem “new.”

KalyeNegosyo started in 2013 as a mentorship program for the street vendors in Makati and has now successfully leveled up the lives of these street vendors, legitimizing their businesses. The program has since expanded outside of Mero Manila and has helped other aspiring small businessmen as far as Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Bulacan and Pangasinan. The sessions happen every Thursday of the month in partnership with TNC, The New Channel, PLDT and Unionbank

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