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J&J Article 021: The Phenomenon of Energy Leaks Among Entrepreneurs

J&J Article 021: The Phenomenon of Energy Leaks Among Entrepreneurs
Words by: Jeorge Wieneke

Embarking on a 28-year entrepreneurial journey and dedicating 17 years to mentoring have granted me a unique vantage point to observe a common challenge shared by entrepreneurs—the phenomenon of “energy leaks.” These are subtle yet potent factors in both business and life that subtly drain our energy, pulling us away from alignment with our greater visions, goals, and purpose. More intriguingly, they contribute significantly to the prevalent issue of anxiety among entrepreneurs, with research suggesting that 10 out of 8 entrepreneurs grapple with this challenge.

Energy leaks manifest in various forms, and identifying them is crucial for unlocking our full potential. One notable leak is the tendency to overreact emotionally, where our responses become a source of energy depletion. Another frequent leak is an excessive focus on minor issues that could be easily resolved, or falling into the trap of being overly theoretical and losing touch with practicality. Overthinking, a common entrepreneurial pitfall, often obstructs our ability to embrace the power of testing and experimentation. It’s a reminder that, as entrepreneurs, we have the latitude to experiment and learn in our own companies.

Expectations, too, emerge as a significant energy leak. Managing our expectations to align with achievable results is crucial. Cultivating an expectation attitude involves creating mental scenarios that lead to acceptable outcomes, preventing unnecessary frustration over unmet expectations. Acceptance becomes a powerful antidote to leaks caused by fixating on elements beyond our control. By concentrating on what we can control, we enhance our command over our lives and businesses.

Recognizing and addressing these energy leaks represent the initial steps toward a more conscious and intentional entrepreneurial experience. It’s a journey of self-awareness, deliberate choices, and strategic actions, all aimed at mitigating these energy drains and fostering a more balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial life.

Adding to these insights, it’s essential to recognize that worrying about what others say about us is another significant energy leak. Letting go of the need for external validation allows us to stay true to our path, regardless of external opinions. Additionally, the trap of comparison is yet another leak to avoid. Each individual is unique, and comparing ourselves to others hinders our ability to embrace our distinct strengths and journey. Remembering that we are created differently enables us to focus on our own growth and development without unnecessary distractions.


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