IMMAP Highlights Digital Entertainment With DIGIMAX 2023

The theme for 2023 focuses on the use of digital entertainment beyond leisure.

The Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)’s DigiCon, the flagship event for the country’s marketing, advertising, and digital industries, presents DIGIMAX 2023.

The 3-day conference will happen from October 18 to 20, 2023, at The Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom in Pasay City.

Watch Apple Esplana-Manansala, President and Chief Executive Producer of The New Channel as she is set to be one of the speakers on Day 1 of the event..

DIGIMAX 2023 will highlight trends in digital entertainment, particularly innovations and new insights in the following fields:

  • Video – Producing the next generation of digital video blockbusters;
  • Audio – Maximizing sonic engagement through digital audio and production;
  • Community – Building community through meaningful connections;
  • Commerce – Shaping the future of commerce and shoppertainment;
  • Gaming – Creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences; and
  • WEB3 – Embracing the whirlwind worlds of the Web3 revolution.

Through the event, delegates will get to explore technological breakthroughs in entertainment and understand how they can strengthen their relationship with their respective markets and maximize business opportunities.

“Entertainment is constantly evolving, and technology is providing more opportunities for people to create and access digital entertainment from everywhere. As such, organizations can now craft more personal and impactful messages to connect with their audiences,” says IMMAP President and IMMAP DigiCon 2023 Co-chair Denise Haak, “That is why we are grateful that our partner brands are with us at DIGIMAX to help make these relevant conversations happen.”

On top of the diverse local innovators and top creatives in the entertainment industry, attendees will also hear from the conference’s international keynote speakers: former Pixar storyteller Matthew Luhn, Simpleology CEO Mark Joyner, and Agencio.io UK Co-Founder Justin James.

“Great stories can bridge the gap between heart and business to make stronger and better connections with your team, clients, and your audience,” award-winning director and top creativity keynote speaker Matthew Luhn shared.

To learn how to harness the power of digital tools and platforms to connect more meaningfully with audiences everywhere, join IMMAP DigiCon: DIGIMAX 2023 by visiting the official website at www.DigiCon.com.ph. Check out a breakdown of the various tracks, more details about the speakers, and how to secure tickets!