GLOBAL WOMEN WHO RULE 2023: Meet the Jury

Two years of Covid drowned and downed many dreams, but from the depths rise new purpose if you refuse to sink. As is the case of Apple Esplana-Manansala who instead took a bite from the fruit of uncertainty—and swallowed its seed.

Quick to run with trend and tech, Apple created and grew Global Women Who RULE (GWWR), a celebration of awe-inspiring tales from a collective of women forward-thinkers and achievers, out to pay it forward to society via its main event, the GWWR Summit committed to use the power of social media to promote community and use #DigitalForGood.

Growing year on year, the GWWR Summit has since featured 44 profiles of women leaders since its first event in 2021 where GWWR ran the first of what is now a yearly Summit pushing 4 pillars: Education, Mental Health/Trauma, Human Rights specifically Violence Against Women (VAWC) and Health.

The Summit first two streamed to a global audience from the US, UK, Canada, Asia, and Oceania where almost 1,300 live viewers combined interacted with Philippine Women (Filipinas) leaders from in many fields of expertise.

Always one to level up, this year’s hybrid GWWR Summit on March 25th launches its pioneer search for candidates to join their growing group inviting the public to send their nominations via that ran from mid of January until February 18. This year, the GWWR Summit targets 22 new additions to GWWR profiles.

The GWWR online summit on March 25, 2023, GWWR chooses Alopecia Philippines to be its primary beneficiary, tapping on Abby Asistio as spokesperson. Manansala decided to hold a hybrid Summit this year despite the return of purely onsite events. “We were successfully able to connect Filipino women from different parts of the world through GWWR for the past 2 years, despite the on-going global pandemic. Plus, the world is our stage!”

She also highlighted that the chosen profiles have the option to join the live stream team at Enderun Design and Innovation Campus from 1-6PM PHT or join in the comforts of their home offices.

Almost concurrently with another outfit The New Channel, a 24/7 streaming platform in the first year of the pandemic. The New Channel is starting to make waves, causing other media units to make a run with their money. It’s a leap of faith for Apple as the main mover of both to brave pandemic waters. Mind you, this Woman Chief is made of sturdier stuff.

Though Global Women Who Rule (GWWR) is a separate entity from The New Channel (TNC), the two are inextricably connected with GWWR providing opportunities for meaningful partnerships and programs with brands and media.

“We at The New Channel are very proud of our flagship movement Global Women Who Rule. Not only does it empower Filipino women, GWWR inspires young minds and encourages being brave and innovative. It strengthens the imagination and makes dreamers and achievers of our country’s young Filipinas.

On the business front, GWWR makes a world of difference for The New Channel that sets it apart from other media platforms,” shares Apple.

What started as something to take her mind from Covid, Apple’s creation is now a full-blown movement. What else is baking from this intuitive and passionate woman’s craft space must be good. As always, Apple keeps everyone eagerly on their toes.

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