Fusion Free Jam Top 10 Finalists

10 Rising Bands Ready to Rock the #BornReady Stage of Fusion 2023

As part of the highly anticipated Fusion 2023 music fest, the #BornReady stage is a captivating highlight that will redefine your perception of emerging bands.

These aren’t merely groups of musical hobbyists—these are determined artists ready to put their name out there and showcase their unique sound and relentless passion.

Below, we’ll uncover the top 10 remarkable groups that will captivate the crowd at Fusion 2023.

📍 Dalumat
Song title: “Ikaw ay ikaw”
Meet Dalumat, the six-piece alternative rock sensation from Laguna State Polytechnic University. Known for their impressive storytelling and emotional depth, Dalumat’s music is as inspiring as it is unforgettable. Get ready to be moved by their music and emotions poured into every note.

📍 Magiliw Street
Song title: “Irog”
Next up is a band whose name draws inspiration from the street that sparked their artistic beginnings. Magiliw Street, a solid quartet, begins a musical journey that pushes creative boundaries. Their unique fusion of folk and pop genres forms the foundation of their sound.

📍 Bhouze
Song title: “Akala”
Bhouze is an energetic band that emerges from the creative depths of the University of San Carlos. With an innovative name that can be interpreted as ‘Boss’ and ‘B-House,’ adorned with a twist of Z, they embody a spirit of open-mindedness and embrace diverse perspectives. Bhouze aims to make a lasting impression through its music and spark a wave in the global music scene.

📍 The Great Magsaysay
Song title: “Pinoy Ako”
Set your sights on The Great Magsaysay, a dynamic ensemble of nine cultural scholars from Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges. Established in 2019, this pop band effortlessly traverses genres like pop, reggae, rock, and soul. The Great Magsaysay proudly represents the spirit of RMMCian and embodies their school’s vision. Watch as they own the #BornReady stage and perform their stirring rendition of “Pinoy Ako.”

Song title: “Orasan”
PAU is a neophyte band arranged in 2023 by budding artist Pauline Cueto from the College of St. Benilde. PAU created a distinctive and compelling sound with its expert blend of pop, R&B, and rock elements. Their song “Orasan” is a true gem that will immediately engross listeners with its addictive beat and enthralling melodies.
📍 Aling Pepay
Song title: “Pasensya”
Immerse yourself in the alluring music of Aling Pepay, a dynamic trio representing various schools in the lively city of Quezon. Their soundscape breaks free from genre constraints and blends Afro Cuban jazz’s rhythmic pulses with the soulful melodies of R&B. With their captivating track, prepare to join a sonic journey that explores a rich tapestry of emotions and moods.

📍 That Band Astra
Song title: “Hilo”
This versatile quintet, originating from top universities, is the perfect blend of brains and talent. With Miles’ vocals and the gifted artistry of Buffy, Gibson, Theo, and Zoie, they skillfully create a lovely mix of genres that enchants listeners. On May 27, That Band Astra will transport you into a world of infectious beats and irresistible grooves.

📍 4:13
Song title: “Nalilito (Hanggang Ngayon)”
The eighth band that will fight its way to the spotlight is 4:13. Composed of six talented musicians, this vibrant group has emerged from Mapua University in Makati. Their unique mission? To translate an array of human emotions into their music through original alternative Pinoy rock. Known for being fearlessly innovative, they constantly test the limits of their creativity and venture into undiscovered realms of music.

📍 Sean Archer
Song title: “Puyat”
Prepare to awaken your wild inner side with this powerhouse band led by Sean Archer Abareles. Much like the iconic tiger mascot of their alma mater, these Thomasians pounce with a raw energy that draws and unites listeners. Their song speaks to the adult’s experience like no other, embodying the familiar struggles in a profoundly relatable way.

📍 Little Neko
Song title: “Ayaw ko”
Rounding off our list but by no means the least, is the extraordinary group, “Little Neko.” This inspiring 5-piece band unites vibrant talents from two Lasalle branches. Leaving behind their days of performing anime covers that initially won hearts, they now captivate fans with their original songs.

So those are the bands you can look forward to! Who among them are you excited to watch?

Let’s listen to the new generation of Pinoy music and witness who’ll be crowned as the winner of FreeJam’s Battle of the Bands on 27 May 2023! Grab your Fusion tickets at SM Tickets.

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