ELEVATE eCommerce

E-commerce in the Philippines is rapidly growing and is not seeing any chance of slowing down. With the advancement of technology and better access to it, we have reasonable evidence to say that E-commerce will surely dominate the technological industry for 2023 and beyond.

Philippine e-Commerce Association (PECA) was established to create a unified body among ECOM Players. e-Levate is the grandest Networking event of the Philippine eCommerce Industry. Attended by every stakeholders in the industry from every online sellers, freelancers, advertisers, logistic provider, suppliers, importers and manufacturer, this is with a mission to unite, uplift and ELEVATE the eCommerce Industry in the Philippines. This year’s event will be focusing on giving recognition to every stakeholders who contributed for the common good of the industry.

Join us on 28 April 2023 (Friday). Registration starts at 5PM PHT, while program starts at 6PM PHT at SMX Convention Center, MOA Pasay City.

To know more about e-Levate, you may visit their website at To attend this event, you may purchase your tickets at

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