Biyaheng TNC Supporters

Biyaheng TNC Supporters (Acropolis Halloweek-end Fiesta 2023)

​​May nagbabalik!!! Join us outdoors for another CHARITY CAR BOOTH BAZAAR featuring locally-sourced items, plus puppet and musical shows, and acoustics.

We’ve laid out fun activities whole day, and begin your holiday shopping (yep, cuz why not?!) while hearing songs from our #JamAtHome buskers going live face to face too! This is going to be an exclusive event for the residents and friends of a neighborhood in QC BUT we always come to you for our next stop!

​​📌Saturday, 28 October 2023 from 1PM to 8PM PHT!

Bibiyahe na kami, let’s gooo sabay ka na!

We would like to acknowledge Byaheng TNC Supporters of CHARITY CAR BOOTH SALE:

Special thanks to:

  • Unilab for their amazing products Enervon, Tuseran Forte, Forti-D, Conzace, and Solmux 💊💪
  • Power Mac Center 📱💻
  • Tiffany Chocolates and Biscuits 🍫🍪
  • Quanta Chocolates 🍫
  • Sante Barley Max for health and wellness 🌿
  • I-Zync by Sante💊
  • Slim Cee by GFoxx Int’l.💊
  • Global Women Who RULE (GWWR) 💃🌍
  • Galileo Enrichment Learning Program📚
  • Sun Life Philippines ☀️💼
  • Ernesto by BarberBOY💈

Your support made our annual charity even more memorable and meaningful! 🙏🎉


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