Biyaheng TNC goes to Quezon City (Acropolis Halloweek-end Fiesta 2023)

Quezon City, Philippines — #BiyahengTNC goes to Quezon City. A Charity Car Booth Sale at the remarkable #HalloWeekendFiesta held on 28 October at a posh village, Acropolis Greens Subdivision.🔥

A yearly activity in the said village made even bigger and feasible this year. A whole day of shebang which includes fun activities for kids and families such as The Puppet Show by Wanlu Lunaria and Nicolo, Disney Musical, Perya Games and TNC game na game hosted by Engr. Hanna Trespeces and Mommy Lei Ermitanio. Some of the kids and families came in their halloween costumes as well.

#BiyahengTNC now on its second year, highlighted locally made products like Cleeneco, Happy Plants by Hanna, Hot Potato, IJI Trading Shirts, Karaniwan, Krowsheyaarn, Nanitz Kitchen, Miss Mela’s Peanut Butter, Mr. Siomai Atbp.,, Printooza, Stashpets, TakoWeTea, and Tipsy Cream where the Charity Car Booth Sale lined up. Outside of the clubhouse you will see the iconic colorful umbrella set up, and soothing acoustic vibes from The Midnight Sessions, Monique, and One Way Band which serenades the Halloween fiesta goers.

The halloween fiesta ended warding off evil spirits by lighting up the sparklers 👻🎃

Biyaheng TNC is open to bringing this activity to your community. Just send us a message at our social media accounts.

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