Biyaheng TNC Charity Turn Over 2023

Quezon City, Philippines – The past 3 Christmases for TNC have been celebrated simple yet so meaningful.

In 2023, our charitable efforts took a significant leap, supporting more than 10 initiatives. Notably, we extended our reach by providing grocery packages to over 200 tricycle drivers, street sweepers, and our other less fortunate kababayans in Quezon City. Through these endeavors, we aim to set an example that inspires others to pay good things forward.

As the holiday season unfolds, we extend warm wishes for a wonderful and meaningful celebration to everyone. From all of us at The New Channel, we hope our collective actions serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate engaging in even more activities in 2024, fostering a spirit of giving and compassion. 🎉

📸: Raymon Santos

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