Beautifully Connected Book Launch

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Beautifully Connected contains snippets of TNC KOL and #InspiringMoments Host Carmie De Leon’s 56 years of existence, with insights that will urge you to reflect, rethink, and rejuvenate, live with a deeper relationship with God, with yourself, and everyone you get in touch with, in person or on line. It is about life’s lessons from her beautiful relationships.

The author, Carmie de Leon is a well-being advocate. She is a corporate wellness coach, pound fitness instructor, freelance sales and marketing advisor, an author and inspirational speaker focusing on customer intimacy, service innovation, relationship building, and workplace wellness, and host of Inspiring Moments on TNC.

Join us in its book launch on 10 February 2023, Friday 2PM PHT, at the Farm Hills Tagaytay and get to know more about this piece. You may also get your copy at Central Books!

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