ALAFOP Meet-up

ALAFOP meet up!

Words by: Chriz Valdez

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently launched a remarkable national program aimed at assisting MSMEs through BIGYANG HALAGA, BABANGON MSMEs, a specialized MSME program for FDA training on licensing, registration and Good Manufacturing Practices, in simplifying their transactions and applications for licenses to operate for their products and facilities.

During the launching, FDA Director General Samuel Zacate was present and his executive staff. Their initiative was carried out in collaboration with the Association of Laguna Food Processors (ALAFOP) headed by the Chairman Emeritus Clarke Nebrao, is set to revolutionize the way our members and future food producers navigate through regulatory processes.

FDA’s commitment to fostering a favorable business environment for small-scale entrepreneurs is truly commendable. By streamlining their procedures, the agency ensures that MSMEs can focus on what they do best – creating delicious and safe food products for the market.

With this program, obtaining licenses to operate and complying with regulations will be hassle-free for our would be entrepreneurs and exporters. It emphasizes the importance of food safety without compromising the growth potential of budding businesses.

TNC supports this event and encourages everyone to show appreciation to this kinds of groundbreaking initiatives!

Photos by: Cavite Association of Producers and Entrepreneurs (CAPE)

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