Philippine Fact-Checking Summit

For over six years, Break the Fake Movement has collaborated with various local and international MIL-related organizations to fulfill its mission continually. Last year, BTFM organization partnered with Internews to create the Media Civics Lab Fact-Checking Academy. This program gathered Filipino content creators and influencers nationwide and enrolled them in the academy. They were trained to be responsible digital citizens, effectively use their platform and influence, combat information disorder, and create fact-checking content.

To mark the conclusion of the 7-month-long Fact-Checking Academy, The New Channel supports Break the Fake Movement to pioneer the Philippine Fact-Checking Summit this 30 June 2023, in partnership with Internews. This 1-day activity aims to gather content creators and influencers, fact-checkers, media practitioners and journalists, NGOs, and government employees in order to create spaces for networking, partnerships, and collaboration – all in an effort to create a united front against one of the most pressing issues of today – disinformation.

The Summit, which is a local adaptation of the annual Global Fact Conference by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), also aims to examine the crucial role of influencers in networked disinformation and explore strategies to turn their influence for social good. Lastly, the Summit will report on the Media Civics Lab Fact-Checking Academy’s success and recognize the top content creators, influencers, and partners who supported the program in challenging the Filipinos to cut through the social media noise and build communities of action that will help fight disinformation. During the summit, top creators and influencers will be awarded. For this event, Break the Fake Movement aims to challenge people to cut through the social media noise in order to build communities of action that will help fight disinformation.

There will also be panel discussions, networking opportunities, lectures, playing of videos featuring the work of different partner CSOs, interactions with journalists and media, and opportunities for collaborations to strengthen the Phlippines’ fact-checking ecosystem.

Reserve your slot and register now to attend the 1st Philippine Fact-Checking Summit!

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